Five Amazing Apps to Boost your Phone Performance

Five Amazing Apps to Boost your Phone Performance

You may be quite impressed with the functionality of your Android phone. Your phone can run a lot of games and programs. By using some application in your smartphone, you can manage your saving, read novel and other books online.  Also, you can even learn how to play the keyboard so you can be a keyboard maestro in the future. Phone's performance can be enhanced for better performanceHowever, your phone can become unstable or discharge the battery faster than necessary if you do not save it. Problems on your device often occur when you install a number of applications or features from more than one application at a time. Just like your PC, phone or tablet requires standard control to ensure optimal speed and performance. Some monitor the phone's processing power and provide regular results. Here is an overview of some of the best applications that can boost your phone’s performance.


As the name suggests, SetCPU optimizes the cell phone processor to improve CPU performance. The most important part of the application is the ability to monitor the chip configuration. Lowering the clock speed of a processor has its advantages. It can save battery life, although the performance of some high-end applications can be reduced. In some devices, it also allows you to maximize your phone's voltage to conserve battery life. SetCPU Allows you to select a preset profile based on specific requirements for changing CPU settings. Depending on the profile selected, the program may over-program or under-program processor settings while surfing the Internet or when the CPU temperature is too high. With this wealth of alternatives and attributes, this free application is an essential practical addition to your device.


CPU Tuner programs to improve the function of the chip along with the battery life of your cell phone. With the applications below, you can use them to run basic and important programs without problems. This system allows users to configure their own tastes and create their own. Its flexibility, along with some really cool profiles, makes this application an excellent addition to your list of anti-virus applications.

AnTuTu Benchmark

With this system you are ready to see if your cell phone can run complicated games and analyze 2D rendering capabilities along with some additional results. You can compare test results using different phones; the application lists phones that are incredibly popular and often provides new benchmarks for cell phones. The interface is smooth and fully readable, using an almost 3D version of the meter and bright diagrams showing the black background test. This app is widely used by almost all mobile phone enthusiasts and enthusiasts.

Android Assistant

It offers a selection of optimization tools, tracking and utilities to monitor the status of your Android and increase its functionality. The image monitors are incredibly clear and easy to read. The most useful element of this application is the Tools menu, which contains a selection of the best utilities to improve your device's performance from a complicated cache cleaner in the boot manager. Most likely, the Batch Disable option will disable unwanted programs at the same time and will complete the operations and unwanted software with a single button press, either with Quick Boost. Android Program Manager is an excellent application for those who want a program to improve their devices' performance.

ROM Manager

To give an extra boost to an unlocked Android phone. It offers an intelligent interface to deal with your ROMs, as well as sometimes cold and customized ROMs and mods that allow you to experiment with new elements from time to time. Improvements that allow you to customize your favorite ROMs in the blink of an eye You can prepare the famous CyanogenMod to completely revitalize the atmosphere of your rooted cell phone. The ROM includes a new keyboard that is more precise and personalized than the phone's one. The ROM also provides options to improve the CPU performance of your device. You will find many other features of the ROM Manager. You can download it for free or purchase the premium version for additional features. With a wide range of customized utilities, this is in fact an indispensable application for all Rooted users.  

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