A Culinary Guide to Amsterdam

A Culinary Guide to Amsterdam

Many discerning travelers believe that the best part of traveling is discovering the heart of a country, its traditions, and its culture. The intricate details of cultures around the world are woven into food. It tells us a lot about the history, geography, and workings of society. Amsterdam may not be the first choice for food lovers, but those who take the time to discover the city's culinary delights will be rewarded. Viva is the best website if you want to find out more about cuisines in Amsterdam.

Amazing Amsterdam

The vibrant and diverse city of Amsterdam is more than the clichés describe. While tulips, clogs, and windmills are part of the decor, you'll find so much more. There are many great options in Amsterdam, all close to the city center. Amsterdam is just a short walk from your hotel. You can visit all of Amsterdam's wonderful attractions, including museums, canals, and quiet parks.

It's Not Just About Cheese

While it's true that the Dutch can make wonderful cheeses like Gruyere, Edam, and Leerdamer, there are many other aspects of their cuisine. It's important to taste. Try different dishes, ask questions about the cuisine, and listen to recommendations. You can eat in the city, on the sreets, and in local cafes. Don't forget to visit the hotel's restaurant. Amsterdam is known for its first-class hotels. Many of them have superb restaurants that complement the hotel facilities.


Herring, a typical Dutch food, is a street snack sold throughout the city. It can be served with onions and can be eaten with or without bread. You can enjoy the traditional Dutch specialty of herring by placing the whole fish in your mouth. Many tourist love this tempting cuisine. Enjoy delicious Dutch food at some of the great restaurants when you have a vacation plan to the Netherlands.

Dishes and Stews

Restaurant menus often include meat dishes and stews. If you are visiting in the winter, these will be a comforting option. The most hearty stew is stamppot, which contains raw sausage, gravy, and lots of leafy greens, potatoes, and other ingredients. This dish is not for the faint of heart and should be enjoyed when visiting the city.


The capital's desserts are some of the best in the country. Waffles and pancakes are sold on every street corner, covered in delicious melted chocolate, caramel, and even fruit. One of the specialties is poffertjes, a sweet pastry made with buckwheat and served with a butter-sugar topping. Also, there are many chocolate stores throughout the city, with beautiful displays and great tastings.